Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! All the money stays right here in Marquette County!

An unrestricted gift to the Community Fund supports programs and services in Marquette County that
focus on 4 areas: Basic Needs, Elderly Citizens & Adult with Disabilities, Medical Assistance/Health Care
Programs, and Youth Programing. These are the cornerstone of a strong community and United Way

We have a Community Investment Panels (CIP) that makes all funding decisions. The CIP is comprised
of donors and volunteers who know what the needs are in our community. These volunteers interview all
grant applicants and work together to decide what programs are most beneficial to our communities.
United Way does due diligence when it comes to accounting for grant dollars. All agencies receiving
funding must report back to United Way in the form of grant reports and must also provide information
and stories regarding how funding has been used to support the funded programs. When the year has
ended, United Way requests that all agencies complete a year-end impact report regarding their program.
This report is required and funded programs must meet all requirements to be eligible for future grants.
Additionally, United Way Board of Directors and volunteers make annual on site visits to the agencies to
complete an onsite evaluation and impact report.

A leadership gift is any annual gift of $500 or more.

Designations can be made in one of two ways. You can choose among the four focus areas- Basic
Needs, Elderly Citizens & Adult with Disabilities, Medical Assistance/Health Care Programs, and Youth
Programming, and let the Community Investment Panel evaluate the applications and make, as well as
monitor, grants for programs that will achieve your goal of making a real difference in the area you care
most about. This is the most effective way to designate your donation and have the impact you desire.
Designations can also be made to any registered 501(c)3 nonprofit, but we encourage you to keep your
designation local! You are encouraged to provide the mailing address for your selected nonprofit to insure
proper designation. A designation can be made as long as the gift is $75 or more. Every effort to properly
assign your designation will be made. In the case that the organization is not IRS Compliant or the
minimum donor threshold is not met, the donation will be assigned to the Community Investment Panel.

At United Way of Marquette County, our donors and volunteers are a respected asset to our
organizational mission. Donations to designated agencies and the Community Investment Panel are not
disclosed to recipients. We never sell or share contact information. Leadership donors will be noted in our
Annual Community Impact Report unless they advise their intention to remain anonymous. Web
donations are secured by an accredited payment agent.

To be more involved in the efforts with United Way of Marquette County, or to discover more information
on becoming a Community Volunteer or Advocate, contact us at (906) 226-8171 or Volunteer Page.
Your contribution, when combined with the gifts of others, makes a powerful impact in our community. A
single gift through United Way will address many challenges in Marquette County and help hundreds of
thousands of lives. Imagine that with a single gift you are making an impact on the health, education, and income of our
entire community.

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