United Way of Marquette County

Helping Our Community Thrive Every Minute of the Day


Financial support is the fuel that drives the engine of change. Our donors are crucial to making sure we can invest in the programs, partnerships and activities that transform lives. Giving is a fundamental part of helping our community grow and be great.


Join United Way as a volunteer and make a difference this season and every season. Volunteering is a great way to show how much you care and appreciate the community. Your service helps those in needs receive encouragement and inspiration. What you do matters.


United Way partners with programs, community leaders, government officials, and legislators across our regional community and the state to advocate for efforts and policies that create positive systemic changes in Education, Income, Health, and Basic Needs.

How you can help

Real Stories

Community collaboration to provide health, education, and social service needs to county citizens through charitable gifts of money, time, and goods.


"So many wonderful causes that they truly do make a difference. Changing lives everyday for the better."
Kim LeTourneau
Superior Health Foundation
"This organization has been helping non-profits operate for many years in Marquette. Really make good use of funds donated to them, and this provides all sorts of different services to the residents of Marquette County. Please assist them with donations."
Brent Clark
Janzen House Inc
"United Way donations touch the lives of hundreds of our friends and neighbors in Marquette County."
David Poirier
Cancer Care of Marquette County

Our Supporters

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We are your local United Way

Local People

More than 16,000 of our friends and neighbors were helped by the United Way of Marquette County partner agencies last year. That is 1 out of every 4 Marquette County residents.

Local Decisions

Each year local volunteers evaluate the needs in our community, thoroughly review each agency and program applying for funding, identify which ones will best address those needs, and decides how available funds will be

Local Spending

Give where you live! Your dollars stay local! United Way of Marquette County makes sure that contribution goes to the programs and services that help people in need in Marquette County.