About the Discount Card - For the Underinsured and Uninsured

The discount card FamilyWize offers is free to sign up for and doesn't require any paperwork to be filled out. It's easy to sign up for, either go online to, text "family" to 700700, download the FamilyWize app, or find one of their partners close to you and go in for a card.

Local pharmacies, which can be looked up on the FamilyWize website, have volunteered to accept the FamilyWize discount card. How it works - Users give the discount card and their prescription to the pharmacist who will then determine what is the lowest cost. If the pharmacies price is lower than the FamilyWize price then the users will get the lowest price!

This card can be used when someone hasn't met their deductible, if they don't have insurance, or if their insurance doesn't cover their prescription.

If you would like to know if the savings card could help you, or just want more information visit