Tax Return Donations for United Way

February 09, 2017 - 9:40am -- sminckler

"Check Off" for the United Way

The United Way of Marquette County is encouraging Michigan residents to “check off” for the United Way Fund on Michigan tax returns.  Form 4642 on the 2016 income tax return will allow people to donate all or part of their Michigan tax return to the United Way Fund, a fund created to help Michigan’s needy families with their most basic needs.  In accordance with Public Act 527 of 2008, the funds are provided to communities “for basic needs, including, but not limited to, food, clothing and shelter.”

Given today’s economic conditions and high unemployment in Michigan, more families are at risk than ever before and the need for assistance has never been greater.  The Michigan Legislature has created a quick and easy way to donate resources that help ease the burden for many Michigan families.  This year, please be sure to “check off” for the United Way Fund.  All proceeds will directly benefit the United Way in your community.

The United Way of Marquette County, like most United Ways, are experiencing increases in requests for funding and services from agencies, which are facing budget shortfalls.  At the same time, fewer people are able to make the donations they might have in the past, so fundraising has been a bit of a struggle.  The Michigan tax check off is an easy and painless way to help those in our community.

Because of everyone’s efforts, last year the United Way of Marquette County received almost $300, which helped provide food and clothing for several local families that needed them.

For more information, call the United Way of Marquette County at (906) 226-8171. Click the link provided to go to the 2016 MICHIGAN Voluntary Contributions Schedule