Executive Director Position

April 12, 2019 - 4:17pm -- bmeyer

Overview:  The Executive Director provides leadership and management consist with the mission, policies, and operation of the United Way to effectively serve community needs established by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director serves as the face of the United Way of Marquette County and is expected to build and sustain the organization’s reputation and brand.  As chief administrative officer, the Executive Director provides input and guidance on policies and programs to keep United Way viable and responsive to changing needs.]

Reporting Relationship:  The Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors (Board).

Organizational Oversight - Administer all aspects of organizational function in accordance with United Way policies to comply with Federal, State, and other applicable regulations.

  • Establish and maintain a positive working relationship with the Board of Directors, Board committees, volunteers, and staff 
  • Execute strategic plan and report on progress in a periodic, timely manner to the Board
  • Facilitate fund distribution to the prioritized community impact areas approved by the Board
  • Provide comprehensive reports to the Board of pertinent calendar matters at regularly scheduled meetings 
  • Maintain control and provide accountability for the operational and financial integrity of the organization
  • Maintain a functional understanding of all United Way policies and procedures

Community Relations - Enhance county community collaboration and increase awareness of United Way’s mission and activities.

  • Constantly work to build meaningful relationships with donor market organizations and leaders
  • Establish and maintain relationships with the United Way network at the local, state, federal, and international level as opportunities provide 
  • Actively participate on and work with boards, taskforces, coalitions, and committees in areas of common organizational need and benefit as practical
  • Maintain a proactive and visible presence with donors, partner agencies, at worksites, and in the broader community 

Financial Administration, Management & Planning – develop annual organizational financial plan and fundraising campaign plan in accordance with strategic objectives and current Board priorities.

  • Prepare annual budget in tandem with the Finance Committee
  • Oversee preparation of the organization’s financial statements and report at regularly scheduled finance and board meetings
  • Work in conjunction with the Board to develop evaluation metrics/benchmarks for the organization
  • Administer fiscal procedures and policies as established by Board and within generally accepted business standards and internal controls
  • Coordinate and facilitate annual external audit
  • Direct activities of staff in accordance with the organizational structure
  • Oversee recruitment, training and on-going support/monitoring of volunteers and interns
  • ​​Delegate responsibilities as needed

Campaign Coordination - Oversee the annual fundraising campaign.

  • Administer all aspects of the campaign with the assistance of Executive Assistant
  • Maintain campaign targets and provide analysis of giving profiles for key donors
  • ​Recruit and manage the campaign and leadership committees
  • ​Work with the campaign committee to recruit and train campaign Co-Chairs
  • ​Develop and coordinate campaign kickoff and celebration events
  • ​Oversee collection, processing, and posting of campaign pledge receipts

Marketing – Plan and direct the development and implementation of a comprehensive marketing plan in conjunction with Board Committees, utilizing all available communication platforms and media outlets.

  • ​Consistently apply brand mark to all marketing done on behalf of United Way
  • ​Establish and maintain a highly-visible, year-round presence for United Way across Marquette County
  • ​Cultivate and maintain positive relations with all media outlets through personal interaction
  • ​Seek opportunities to give media interviews and publicly appear in support of the United Way whenever possible

Partner Agencies – oversee annual admission and community investment process

  • Constantly assess community needs and identify appropriate roles for United Way
  • Maintain good working relationships with agency personnel
  • Oversee recruitment and training of community investment volunteers
  • Coordinate partner agency/Board liaison activities

Executive Director Position Qualifications


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher is desired but equivalent experiences in a related field will be considered
  • Organizational leadership experience
  • Staff and volunteer management experience (non-profit experience preferred) 
  • Knowledge of current accounting systems/practices 
  • Knowledge of current technology, communications systems, and social media platforms
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite 
  • ​Effective written and oral communication